The Demo spec allows you to do several tricks when it comes to playing your pets. For example, when playing arena, by summoning and sending all your pets on a healer for example, you can create quite some harassment, preventing them from casting their spells properly, or enabling them to use some of their CDs. This requires a macro as it follows:

Demo Lock Pets Button

Macro code:

#show Imp Swarm
/castsequence [pet:Felguard,@target] Pursuit
/castsequence [pet:Felguard,@target] Felstorm
/castsequence reset=2 Imp Swarm,Grimoire: Imp
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide();


Required class – Warlock
Required spec – Demonology
Required talent – Grimoire of Service
Required pet – Felguard
Required glyph – Imp Swarm


You can change the Felstorm ability of the Felguard with Axe Toss in the macro, if you want the pet to stun your target.

This macro will also help you build a fair amount of Demonic Fury, therefore, it’s not only for PvP. In PvE vs. stronger, elite mobs it can help you put up a better DPS. The macro works even if you don’t have a Felguard pet summoned. But in this case, it will only summon the imps and send your current pet to attack the target.

You can change the “@target” command into the macro to “@focus” if you want your pets to attack the target that you have under your focus.

You can also add your Doomguard or Infernal to the macro if you want. But since these are long time CDs, it’s best to be kept and used on separate keys.

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