As its name suggests, the purpose of this macro is to group all your damage-over-time effects and put them under one button. It saves some main bar slots, and makes the application of the main DoT effects much easier, and without the consumption of Soul Shards.

Affliction Lock DOTS Button

It’s an easy to use macro for Affliction Warlocks, once you have it in your quick bar (and you also have a target, of course), hit it 3 times and you will be casting Agony, Corruption and Unstable Affliction. The macro resets after 6 seconds or when swapping target.

Macro code:

/castsequence reset=6/target Agony, Corruption, Unstable Affliction


Required class – Warlock

Required Spec – Affliction


You can also add Seed of Corruption or Soul Swap at the end of the macro, and increase the reset timer to 5 or 6.

Also, you can finish the sequence with Haunt, if you want.

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