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This is a damage burst macro, that basically uses your PvP DPS trinket, casting Dark Soul: Instability, Undending Resolve and then Chaos Bolt. Your Dark Soul: Instability and trinket boost the damage of Chaos Bolt, while Undending Resolve renders you uninterruptable. So, for 8 seconds — de duration of Unending Resolve — you will be able to cast 3 Chaos Bolts with high damage, without being stopped.

warlock burst destruction macro

Macro code:

#showtooltip Dark Soul: Instability
/cast Dark Soul: Instability
/use Tyrannical Gladiator’s Badge of Dominance
/cast Unending Resolve
/cast Chaos Bolt

Original macro submitted (Spanish):

#showtooltip Alma oscura: Inestabilidad
/lanzar Alma oscura: Inestabilidad
/cast Distintivo de dominancia de Gladiador malévolo
/lanzar Resolución inagotable
/lanzar Descarga de Caos


Required class – Warlock
Required spec – Destruction


Although this macro is more useful in PvP, you can also use it in PvE, when fighting annoying monsters that interrupt your spells. In case you are also using a trinket that boosts your spell haste, like Volatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault for example, you can also add it in the macro.

Since 1 Chaos Bolt consumes 1 Burning Ember, you should use this macro when you have at least 3 Burning Embers full.

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