With the Demonology specialization, you basically have only one anytime damage over time effect, and that is Corruption. In Metamorphosis form, Corruption becomes Doom. Your target can have both Corruption and Doom on it at the same time. But to cast both, you will have to apply Corruption first, turn into demon with Metamorphosis, and then apply Doom.

A macro can throw the whole sequence into action, applying both DoTs on the target, and turning you back to normal form. The macro looks like this:

Demonology Quick DoTs

Macro code:

#show Corruption
/castsequence reset=2 Corruption, Metamorphosis, Doom, Metamorphosis
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide();


Required class – Warlock
Required spec – Demonology


Now, the whole purpose of this macro is to apply the DoTs on the target with a minimum of Demonic Fury, generated by the pet, and quickly returning to human form, in order to save and build some more Demonic Fury. To make it work right you actually have to spam it until your character drops Metamorphosis. If you don’t, even though the macro will reset, you will remain in demon form and consume your fury.

Although Hand of Gul’dan is another DoT that would seem at home in this macro, since it has a 15 seconds CD after 2 applications, while Metamorphosis also has 10 seconds, will make the macro choke if put either in the sequence or in a separate sequence.

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