Crowd control is one of the cards that Warlocks must play well in arena, and PvP in general. But in order to maximize the power of your CC, and not waste even a second, it’s a good idea to use some Focus macros. The one described here, will cancel any spell that you might be in the process of casting or channeling, in order to send your Succubus demon to perform Seduction on your current Focus target.

Succubus Seduction Focus Button

Macro code:

#show Summon Succubus
/cast [pet:Succubus,@focus] Seduction
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide();


Required class – Warlock


You can replace @focus in the macro with @mouseover, and your pet will attack the player or NPC over which your mouse cursor is.

In case you’re using this macro in tandem with other lock macros, you might want to check if they also contain a /petattack command and remove it from them. That’s because if another macro contains this command, your pet will interrupt their Seduction on your focused target and attack your other target.

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