Warrior Macros Archives

GS Arms AoE Macro – 6.1

Making GnomeSequencer macros for Warriors isn’t exactly difficult. You basically throw all the abilities together in the macro, and it pretty much works. Here’s an AoE macro for Arms Warriors. Even though it’s specified for 6.1, it pretty much worked… read more

Fury Warrior One-Button Single Target Macro

This macro works mostly like any other macros for GnomeSequencer. It gives you a button to mash, which calls your most used combat abilities in your rotation as a Fury Warrior. Since it focuses mainly on abilities such as Bloodthirst,… read more

Fury AoE Simple Gnome Macro

This is not exactly the best macro to use if you want to put up a high AoE DPS. However, it works just fine if you’re grinding on normal mobs, or even in dungeons, when working on trash. It’s a… read more

Warrior Charge – Intervene Macro

This is a macro all Warriors should use. It will provide you with a button for your Charge and Intervene, resulting in a better organized keybinding. The macro works pretty simple. By using it normally, it will cast Charge, on… read more

Warrior Arms Single Target DPS Macro

If you play an Arms Warrior, the following macro can basically replace all your main combat abilities, as it contains them all. It’s a simple Sequencer macro meant for mashing, and using for single target fighting. It will begin by… read more

Protection Warrior Multi Macro

This is a 1-button spam macro for Warrior tanks. It will always start with Thunder Clap and Demoralizing Shout, then begin to cycle through your main combat abilities, such as Shockwave, Revenge, Shield Slam, Devastate, Impending Victory and Shield Slam,… read more

Warrior Spell Reflection Macro

This macro allows you to quickly equip a shield and a 1-h weapon, to be able to cast your Spell Reflection. You must hit this macro 2 times to equip the weapons and to cast Spell Reflection. Macro code: /equipslot… read more

Warrior Damage Burst Macro

This is an Arms Warrior damage burst button that will trigger some of your damage boosting cooldowns simultaneously. You simply hit this macro and you will cast Recklessness, Berserker Rage, Bloodbath, and also use your trinket equipped in your 13th… read more