This macro works mostly like any other macros for GnomeSequencer. It gives you a button to mash, which calls your most used combat abilities in your rotation as a Fury Warrior. Since it focuses mainly on abilities such as Bloodthirst, Impending Victory, Raging Blow, and Wild Strike, this is a button for single target DPS.

Fury Warrior One Target Macro

Fury Warrior One Target Macro - Notepad Code

Macro code:

Sequences['FuryWarr1'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
[[/cast Bloodthirst]],
[[/cast Raging Blow]],
[[/cast Wild Strike]],
[[/cast Execute]],
[[/cast Shockwave]],
[[/cast Impending Victory]],



Required class – Warrior
Required spec – Fury
Required talent – Impending Victory, Shockwave
Required addon – GnomeSequencer


Of course, if you choose a different talent than Impending Victory from your level 30 talent line, replace Impending Victory in the macro, with Victory Rush.

Shockwave is my choice for this spec, however it isn’t totally necessary in this macro. If you want to, you can remove it completely. It has a rather long CD, and as you spam this macro, it will go past this ability quite many times. Over time it will cost you several seconds in which your macro could cast a different ability. So, you might say it can cripple your DPS a bit. On the other hand, you could use Storm Bolt instead of it, since it’s a single target macro. Storm Bolt, although it has 30 sec. CD, it deals a ton of damage to targets immune to stun.

Although many players go with Sudden Death or Furious Strikes, to use this macro better, never run out of Rage, and always have an ability up to cast, it’s best to use the 3rd talent in the 45 level line — Unquenchable Thirst.

Last but not least, you can add Charge as an opener in this macro. I like to keep Charge on a separate key, though.

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