This is a macro all Warriors should use. It will provide you with a button for your Charge and Intervene, resulting in a better organized keybinding.

The macro works pretty simple. By using it normally, it will cast Charge, on your hostile target. By holding ALT down while pressing it, it will cast Intervene on a friendly player that you have in your focus, if of course, they are in your range. What’s great about this macro is that you don’t have to manually select your target in order to use Intervene, which is pretty handy if you already have a mob as your main target.

Intervene Charge Macro

Macro code:

/cast [nomod] Charge
/cast [@focus, exists, mod:ALT] Intervene


Required class – Warrior


In case you use Safeguard, simply replace Intervene with Safeguard in the macro.

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