This is an Arms Warrior damage burst button that will trigger some of your damage boosting cooldowns simultaneously. You simply hit this macro and you will cast Recklessness, Berserker Rage, Bloodbath, and also use your trinket equipped in your 13th slot.

Warr DPS Boost Macro

Macro code:

/cast Recklessness
/cast Berserker Rage
/cast Bloodbath
/use 13


Required class – Warrior

Required talents – Bloodbath


Since this macro uses quite many of your CDs, it’s best to use it wisely, especially in PvP, when you know for sure that you cannot be crowd controlled, to benefit from it at maximum, and make sure you deal some serious damage while it’s up.

Also, if you play an orc Warrior for example, you can add Blood Fury to this DPS macro, or if you use the Avatar talent, simply replace Bloodbath with Avatar in it.

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